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Solar Print Kit

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Photography from the Sun

The Solar Print Kit is great outdoor summer craft fun. Look around your yard and collect some flat objects that will fit on the solar print paper such as leaves, petals, shells, or stones. You can also use the included artwork or combine it with found items. Insert a sheet of photo-sensitive paper in the included frame (in the shade) and arrange your items on the paper. When you’re ready, move it carefully out of the shade and let the sun expose it for a few minutes. When ready, remove the objects and paper from the frame and rinse the photo-paper in clean water in a pan for one minute. Lay out the paper to dry. As it dries the areas of the paper that were exposed to the sun will turn a darker blue. In just a few minutes, you’ll have created your own work of art! The finished Solar Print is a beautiful blue and white print. Frame them or mount them on the included note cards.

There are no chemicals to mix, just rinse with water to develop the solar paper.

Within minutes you will have created your own custom solar prints for note cards or for framing. The finished pieces come out as beautiful blue and white prints.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can experiment with other objects such as pasta or lace, or you can make your own negative by drawing on tracing paper. You can “draw” on the paper with sand, arranging it so it creates an image when exposed.You can even use old black-and-white photo negatives and make your own prints from them. Try angling your paper into the sun so it’s not exposed straight-on. Use your imagination.

The Solar Print Kit is a great way to “expose” younger kids who are only familiar with digital cameras to the way photography works.

Ages 5 and up. The Solar Print Kit contains: three blank note cards and envelopes, two pre-printed stencil sheets, two frames, 12 sheets of Solar Print paper, and complete instructions.

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