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Bangiste and Sparkplug Combo Pack - 3 of each

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Part Number:09801
Value pack of 3 Tubes of Bangsite and 3 Spark Plugs for all Big Bang Cannons.

Bangsite Ammo for all Big Bang Cannons. This is a tube of Calcium Carbide specially formulated for the Big Bang Cannons. Bangsite is the only safe ammo for use in your cannon. It is safe to handle and is not combustible. Bangsite mixes with water in your cannon and ignites with a spark to create a loud bang and flash of light!

Spark Plugs for firing your Big Bang Cannon (it is a small flint that fits into the ignitor shown in the inset of the photo). This is a specially made flint used as the ignition source of all Big-Bang Cannons. Be sure to order enough spark plugs so you have them on-hand to safely ignite your cannon (the ignitor is the ONLY safe way to fire your cannon). One spark plug lasts about as long as one tube of Bangsite (100 shots). Cannons come with 1 spark plug.

3 tubes of Bangsite and 3 spark plugs are good for about 300 shots. Cannons come with 1 tube of Bangsite and 1 spark plug.

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