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Dave's Cool Toys has fun things to do and lots of cool toys for cool kids and adults. We carry quality toys you won't find at the big box stores (you won't find many hi-tech or licensed toys on our site). We support independent toy manufacturers and we love toys made from natural materials, like wood, that can last a lifetime. Every toy we carry has been carefully chosen for fun, quality, price, safety, and educational value (either that or it has to be really gross).

We love flipbooks and we've recently added a few new ones to our collection.

rainbow in your hand flipbook
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dragon's breath flipbook
They're here! We have Rainbow in Your Hand Flipbook back in stock. We expect them to go quickly, so get yours before they sell-out again.
wizards wand flipbook
Make your own flipbook
Make Your Own Flipbook Kit

This great little kit lets you make several flipbooks yourself.